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Episode 9: The End

Rachel and Leeman discuss the Series Finale of Fringe and spin off into a talk about some of our favourite and not so favourite ways TV shows have chosen to ride off into the sunset. Topics discussed and/or SUPER spoiled: … Continue reading

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Leemantations Chapter 1: TV

“How doth the TV sit solitary, that was full of programs!  how is she become as a widow! she that was great among my media, and princess among the appliances, how is she become tributary!” I don’t watch TV. Allow … Continue reading

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Blog Series: Transformations

Greetings Internet!  In an attempt to continue the conversation on faith and fandom more regularly than we can currently provide in our podcast, welcome to the new blog feature of Geekually Yoked!  I have no idea what Leeman will will … Continue reading

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Episode 8: Lewis and Tolkien

Rachel and Leeman saw The Hobbit which opens up the floodgates of discussion around the works of these distinguished Inklings. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled   The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and associated works. Play in new window | … Continue reading

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