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WalkLeft  – Martin Chodorek interviews Toronto-based theatre types about their upcoming shows and performances.  Included is an interview with Leeman about Conspiracy.

Pretty Much – Scott Clarkson’s podcasting melange of history, music, memories, and terrible lies.

Offstage – Phil Rickaby talks with actors, writers, and directors about their careers in theatre.  Leeman was in his pilot episode.

Miskatonic Musings – (Warning: saucy language) Mallory, Sean, and Charles talk about all things horror.

3 Geeks in a Pod – Errol, ‘Manda, and Ja-Mez combine their powers to geek out.

Strangers and Aliens – Steve, Ben, and Dr. Jayce explore sci-fi and pop culture from a Christian perspective.

Anime, Brains, & Culture – Rachel and Leeman talk about fandom and anime with Tamara

Current Podcast Plug

Welcome to Night Vale – Radio reports from the quaint town of Night Vale where things are always just a little bit…off.  Great for fans of Garrison Keillor and HP Lovecraft

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    Do you guys have a twitter? 😀

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