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Episode 23: The First Death

Rachel and Leeman have the first of what promises to be many discussions on death and its role in literature and pop culture. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled: Babylon 5, DS9, The World’s End, Spaced, Hannibal, Luther, Man of Steel, Mr. … Continue reading

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Episode 22: Whimsy

Rachel and Leeman are struck by a whim and discuss the role of whimsy in the various books, movies, and TV shows we allow into our house. Also, we forget to check if our microphone was on so we’ve got … Continue reading

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Episode 21: Humanity

Rachel and Leeman discuss the role of humanity and humans in Science Fiction Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Pacific Rim, Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek VI, Seventh Heaven, Vorkosigan Saga, Ender’s Game, CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy, and for some … Continue reading

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