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Episode 52: GamerGate Spooktacular

Rachel and Leeman tackle some controversy and not just about when is the appropriate holiday season to watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled: Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert, Garfield Halloween Special, Rachel’s Interview with Father Nadim Nassar, Star Wars, … Continue reading

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Humans are SUPERIOR!

Ok, people. The Farscape blog is back! But please don’t make me review “Taking the Stone” and “Visitas Mortis.” Or “Picture if you Will” for that matter. Ok, also, “Dream a Little Dream.” Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, … Continue reading

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“This is John Crichton … Somewhere in the Universe”

There’s a lot that used to annoy me about Lost, not the least of which was its issue with pacing. You’d spend 90% of the season face-palming while characters refused to answer one another’s questions for no reason other than, … Continue reading

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Episode 51: First Episodes

We’re talking about premieres and pilots! Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Our First Episode! Sleepy Hollow, Season Pass, Gotham, Doctor Who’s problems, True Detective, Farscape, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, The Office(s), Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, Babylon 5 (Michael O’Hare is … Continue reading

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