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Geography Lessons

For the better part of the last decade, I have been referring to myself as a Geographical Anglican as a tongue in cheek jab at how I’ve been attending Anglican churches that entire time but still have never completely drunk … Continue reading

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On Portraying a White Supremacist

In a letter to Natalie Wooley in 1934 talking about violence in the southern United States that claimed the lives of thousands of black Americans during his life, HP Lovecraft defended “extra-legal measures such as lynching and intimidation” because “anything is better … Continue reading

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What D&D Has Taught Me About Parenting

  My brief stint as a parent has taught me that it is equal parts con artist and stage magician. It’s a constant mental game where you convince this strange, alien intellect that you are the boss and if they … Continue reading

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My Time at CthulhuCon – A Graduation

  Facebook is peppered with the post-convention reports from CthulhuCon in Portland and I figured I might as well add my own thoughts to the mix for thems as may find it interesting. Folks might also remember our Con episode … Continue reading

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Well This Happened

Hey there Amanda, what you got th… Uh oh. Honey, just back away okay? That’s Daddy’s experiment. No no no!!! Umm… Hey! Get out of there! Not for babies! No! Bad baby! Get back here! Gah! Stop crawling away! Don’t … Continue reading

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Humans are SUPERIOR!

Ok, people. The Farscape blog is back! But please don’t make me review “Taking the Stone” and “Visitas Mortis.” Or “Picture if you Will” for that matter. Ok, also, “Dream a Little Dream.” Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, … Continue reading

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“This is John Crichton … Somewhere in the Universe”

There’s a lot that used to annoy me about Lost, not the least of which was its issue with pacing. You’d spend 90% of the season face-palming while characters refused to answer one another’s questions for no reason other than, … Continue reading

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My Side, Your Side! My Side, Your Side!

Scorpius, my friends. Scorpius. If there is one thing that defines Farscape as much as John Crichton’s insanity, amazing Jim Henson creatures, and twisting sci-fi conventions, it is the masterful villain Scorpius. This despite the fact that he does not show up … Continue reading

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I miss the Sun. Days. Nights … Simple Things.

And thus we come to it. The point of no return for one John Crichton. But more on that in a moment. A Human Reaction This is the episode that made me fall in love with Farscape. Let me explain. I … Continue reading

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You are the female of your species?

Alright people. This is it. The post wherein I endeavour to find something redeeming about Jeremiah Crichton. Admittedly, it probably is the worst episode of the series. If for no other reason than that it is just so darn … earnest. Earnest … Continue reading

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