Episode 67: Summer Vacation


Someone is exploring her American heritage

We pop by in the midst of our various travels to talk about how our summer is going and Rachel’s newest televisual obsessions.

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled

Vacation, FOO Fest, The Velveteen Rabbi, Saga, RoboRally, US Patent # 1, Bang!, D&D Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, The Office, Malcolm in the Middle, Upright Citizens Brigade, 30 Rock, X-Files, The Mindy Project, What should be Rachel’s next binge?


Our outro is Debs & Errol’s My Partner’s a Nerd

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3 Responses to Episode 67: Summer Vacation

  1. Sarah says:

    Rachel, for your next binge….did you ever watch any episodes of “Forever”?? It’s only had the one season (to the abject disappointment of MANY fans) but it was one heck of a season.

    It’s funny since you brought up the Dick Van Dyke show as a “workplace show,” because I think the Mary Tyler Moore show was probably one of the first shows in which the main character independent female was pulled-together and professional but not perfect. Mary definitely had her moments of self-doubt and insecurity, but she also wasn’t completely incompetent.

  2. Rachel Kolar says:

    The sweet idealism of the show is one of my favorite things about it as well, and I think the cynicism of season 6 (and 5, to a lesser extent) is part of why I disliked it so much. A lot of the recall stuff seemed to boil down to “the fat slobs of Pawnee are horrible people who are unworthy of the glory of Leslie Knope,” with a lot more vitriol and a lot less gentle and affectionate satire than I’m used to from the show. Jeremy Jamm also seemed to have wandered in from a completely different and more cynical political show, because he was odious just for the sake of being odious. (The exception was the fluoridation episode, which was freaking amazing and gave him an actual motivation for his awfulness.) The political subtext didn’t help.

    Season 7 has an episode called “The Pie-Mary” that you will unconditionally adore. MRAs make an appearance!

  3. Marty says:

    Yay! Saga! 😀

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