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A Whole Bushel of Apples

Tim Powers’ 1987 novel of fantastical pirate adventure has had an outsized influence on me despite my only having read it this past month. This is largely to do with Secret of Monkey Island and other films, books, and games … Continue reading

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One of the benefits of living in a college town is having an active gaming club to which I am occasionally invited. This has been the case with their one shot nights where they ask game masters to pick a … Continue reading

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Blog Series: Transformations

Greetings Internet!  In an attempt to continue the conversation on faith and fandom more regularly than we can currently provide in our podcast, welcome to the new blog feature of Geekually Yoked!  I have no idea what Leeman will will … Continue reading

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Episode 7: Apocalypse!

Rachel and Leeman discuss the End Times and other fun topics. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Die Hard, Babylon 5, Angel, Kraken, Shadowrun, Children of Men,Once Upon a Time, Left Behind, Thief in the Night, The Last Battle, The Hobbit, and … Continue reading

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Episode 6: Lady Chains

Rachel and Leeman look at the various ways in which women are presented by the media, churches, and various works of Geekery. It’s not pretty. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Babylon 5, X Files, the Vorkosigan Saga, BSG, DS9, Voyager, Hunger … Continue reading

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Episode 5: Faith vs Fandom

Mother Rachel and Leeman discuss the wee tension that sometimes forms between the world of the religious and the world of the geek and ultimately prove beyond a shadow of any doubt how these two facets of our lives not … Continue reading

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Episode 4: Bujold and Martin

Mother Rachel and Leeman look at some of the religious themes present in the works of Lois McMaster Bujold and George RR Martin while Bilbo occasionally makes noise. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Game of Thrones, Vorkosigan Saga, Tuf Voyaging, Curse … Continue reading

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Episode 3: Looper

We hope you enjoy our in depth discussion of the movie Looper and some of our favourite depictions of time travel. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Looper, Futurama, Pastwatch, Left Behind, the course of human history Play in new … Continue reading

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Episode 2: Redemption and Atonement

Do enjoy our discussion of just how folks make up for the very bad things they do. Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Hercules, Angel, Fringe, Mr Eko’s Jesus Stick and most decisively not Darth Vader Play in new window | … Continue reading

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First Episode! (sort of)

Please enjoy the first of what we hope are many episodes.  Today we look at the idea of the Created Family in various pop cultural surroundings. Topics discussed and/or spoiled: Buffy, Farscape, Community, The Office (UK), Gaming, Lasers, Archbishops, Muppet Babies … Continue reading

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