Episode 10: Efangelism

Rachel, Leeman, and our first ever guest Alice discuss the bizarre parallel worlds of spreading the Good News and spreading one’s fandom.

Topics Discussed and/or spoiled:

House of Cards, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Lost, Arrested Development, The UK Office, the Vorkosigan Saga, and some others.  No major spoilers this time around.

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5 Responses to Episode 10: Efangelism

  1. Tom Kolar says:

    Hi Rachel and Leeman (and friend!)
    Is this a good time to mention Friday Night Lights?

    I kid, I kid- I’ll let it go. Is it on Netflix streaming in Canada?

    I have a very clear memory of walking down a street at night with you guys in Prague with Leeman telling me about this cool, low magic, super political fantasy series…

    That’s another parallel for efangelization- you have to take the long view. A year later I got a chance to read GoT, and spread the word myself. I’ve started Community, and my brother’s been recommending it for years, etc. You just plant seeds, sit back, and wait.

  2. I usually react against “Efangelism” and then slowly come around. Like my response to Harry Potter, for example.

  3. Ben Avery says:

    This was an interesting podcast.

    I especially appreciated your theme of “community,” Rachel. That’s the heart of fandom for most people. It’s the reason fandom exists — it fulfills a deep need that humans share.

    And it’s not just geek stuff — consider sports fans.

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