Episode 9: The End

Rachel and Leeman discuss the Series Finale of Fringe and spin off into a talk about some of our favourite and not so favourite ways TV shows have chosen to ride off into the sunset.

Topics discussed and/or SUPER spoiled:

Fringe, BSG, Lost, Jekyll, The Office (UK), Arrested Development, Farscape, Babylon 5, The Star Treks (except TOS), and The Entire Whedon Oeuvre.

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7 Responses to Episode 9: The End

  1. Tom Kolar says:

    Pre-Listen comment-
    Rachel watch Friday Night Lights you will love it so so much!!!!!!!

  2. Tom Kolar says:

    Post Listen thoughts part 1- A good, interesting discussion. I didn’t mind the end of BSG or Lost as much as many, but a lot of your points were totally valid (except the mystery song guy was her father, who was totally the lost 13th model of Cylon!- and man, when she starts playing All Along the Watchtower- chills. It all felt like everything was coming together). I also disagree re Buffy vs. Angel, mainly I think that you’re being way to forgiving to Buffy- The overall idea of the potentials/Hellmouth exploding was a good ending season plot, but let’s not forget that the first evil’s plan changed from episode to episode (“Bring Buffy to the Vinyard! How could you bring Buffy to the Vinyard!), the Hellmouth exploded because Spike got a necklace in the mail, and the very strong thematic Potentials storyline was capped by Joss Whedon basically stopping the story and explaining the message to you. Whereas Angel, while hampered by the cancellation question, just thematically nailed the ending, and was able to use the Cordy vision stuff to actually bring the scattershot first half of the season into some kind of cohesive overall story. If I get a chance, I’ve got some thoughts on how to bring Christianity into this discussion- Someone should, I guess.

  3. Tom Kolar says:

    So, here’s the Jesus I can see- when you were talking about Arrested Development, and it just being this dense layer of references and call backs, I was thinking about my lesson planning for teaching Exodus as foreshadowing Jesus- for Christians, the life of Jesus is basically season 3 of Arrested Development.

  4. Tom Kolar says:

    or, “Bethlehem= ‘house of bread’ is “loose seal.” Or, “you want a king but your king should be God” is “Steve Holt’s father.”

  5. You don’t like Helo? But he’s so… dreamy. All big and Canadian.
    I disliked LOST for its ending, so much so it has soured much of the show for me. Farscape did a better job of reconning and figuring things out as they went than did LOST.

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