Episode 27: Gravity

Rachel and Leeman saw Gravity and have thoughts! So many thoughts!


Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled

Gravity, Father Capon and pelicans

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3 Responses to Episode 27: Gravity

  1. Jason says:

    Is it bad manners to mix podcast comments? I just had to tell you, while at work listening to Miskatonic Musings (thirteen and fifteen) I lost my composure laughing: (1) “and it was a man” (conclusion of The Beast in the Cave) and (2) “the most Lovecraftian thing you can be is a bad husband.” Is there a video recording of Monstrous Invisible?

  2. Leeman says:

    Sadly there is not but I’d love to do it again. There are rumblings of a potential showing/reading at Necronomicon 2015…

  3. Rachel Kolar says:

    Every time I read something about George Clooney swaggering in zero g, I think, “Even with a broken leg, George Clooney could still swagger.”

    Saw it last week and loved it. One of the panelists at some diversity panel at Capclave mentioned liking it because you could gender-flip the characters without it being utterly ridiculous, so I sort of had that framework in mind when I watched it. I found it interesting that, while Sandra Bullock would have been OK as a man (although I think “his” grief would have been a dead wife rather than a dead child–not sure why, but that’s what my gut tells me), George Clooney’s swaggering alpha male, with EXACTLY the same dialogue, would have been an unbearable manic pixie dream girl. He’s a ceaselessly upbeat collection of anecdotes who exists only to teach the protagonist how to live life to the fullest and pulls her out of her funk!

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