Episode 29: Kids Ruin Everything

A tight nugget of an episode in which Rachel and Leeman talk about what happens when you a drop a kid in the middle of a show or movie.

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled

Untitled Dr. Reeves Project and its spin off, The Kesslers. The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Buffy, Farscape, Shoot Em Up, Pasta, Mad About You, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Star Trek,  Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, Pete and Pete, Phantom Menace, Iron Man, Goonies, Harry Potter, Bridesmaids, The IMDB Game, and Little Monsters.

Our outro is Debs and Errol’s “Cuz He’s a Geek Guy”:

(Apologies for our distance discrepancies which makes Leeman sound way louder than Rachel. Consider it payback for Episode 24)

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2 Responses to Episode 29: Kids Ruin Everything

  1. David Tigchelaar says:

    Two thoughts on your podcast today:
    1) I totally get the sleep deprivation thing. When I was going through that with Abby, I felt some days as though I’d lost 100 IQ points. Somehow I still managed to graduate, but I don’t really remember much of anything from that year, especially from any of Joe Mangina’s classes. It gets better, in some ways, though you can kiss sleeping in goodbye for awhile (Abby still gets up around 6:30am of her own accord, and cannot be coerced back to sleep), and the diaper thing gets worse for a bit (once they’re on solid food), but gets WAY better once you toilet train them.

    2) Kids in shows/movies: Assuming that “reality tv” has a stubborn cancerous life of its own (which makes it harder to kill these shows, despite their horribleness), do you think these kind of shows are exempt from the “child ruins a show” rule? Not specifically shows that are about kids (Honey boo boo, or toddlers and tiaras), but others, where the formula for the show’s success is based on a constant (like storage wars, although they did not add a kid into that one specifically, unless you include a peek into Jarrod and Brandy’s home life that one time), but does not explicitly have anything to do with kids otherwise?

    And then how do we account for “19 kids and counting”? Keeping in mind that quality of show does not always equate to popularity of show (Firefly), nor does popularity of show always equate to quality of show (Big Brother).

  2. Rachel Kolar says:

    GAHHHHHH, Little Monsters! Thanks, I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

    The Walking Dead did a nice job with introducing a baby, just because the idea of bringing a newborn into the zombiepocalypse is so horrifying and rife with plot hooks. How will they possibly get the mother and child to survive labor and delivery, especially since it’s a VBAC? Zombies are attracted by noise–how the heck are they going to keep the baby from screaming loudly enough to attract every zombie for miles? There end up being complications that preclude breast feeding, so how are they going to scrounge up enough formula for the baby? There are enough plot hooks in the simple fact of introducing a baby to the setting that they don’t need to introduce ridiculous plot contrivances to put the baby in danger. At least, that was the case in season 3. I haven’t been watching 4, because I’m a cord-cutter.

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