Episode 33: Crossover!


Rachel and Leeman welcome Matt Anderson from The Sci-Fi Christian to talk Top 5 Fandoms.

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled:

Angel, Buffy, Farscape, Lost, Call the Midwife, Doctor Who, Sherlock, BBC Chronicles of Narnia, Fringe, Deep Space Nine, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Hannibal, Being Human, Misfits, Can-Con, Sleepy Hollow, Black List, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, My Friend’s Coffee Shop in Minneapolis, GY’s Lost Episode, Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Star Wars, Next Generation, Technical Difficulties, Madeleine L’Engle, Sliders, Doorways, Discworld, Jim Henson, Batman, X-Men, Spiderman, Lucasarts Adventure Games, Double Fine, Tell Tale Games, Back to the Future, Genddy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars Minisodes, Star Wars Holiday Special, The Council of Nerd-Cea, Hypertime, George RR Martin, Lois McMaster Bujold, Dollhouse, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, My Brother My Brother And Me, Ken And Robin Talk About Stuff, The Bugle, One Bad Mother, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Dorothy Sayers, Shadowlands, Friday Night Lights, and a passing nod to Bruce Campbell, Tolkien, and X-Files.


The Crossover Event

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Untold Podcast — http://www.untoldpodcast.com/
The Sci-Fi Christian — http://thescifichristian.com/
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The Storymen — http://www.storymen.us/
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Our Outro is Debs & Errol’s My Partner’s a Nerd

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2 Responses to Episode 33: Crossover!

  1. Robert Sullivan says:

    A fun episode. I think I watched all the same shows. I remember sliders because Davis had a line in the first episode where a car has been sucked into the gate-thing and Davis says something to the effect of “I think I just saw God and he was driving a Cadillac.”
    I stopped watching LOST when it felt like the writers/producers were lying. They kept saying they had a specific end in mind, but they show just wandered around too much. Most shows do just wander around and I would not have minded that, except for the way the writers/producers kept lying about it.

  2. Rachel Kolar says:

    Your mention of New Hope being so slow to start has inspired me to share my deep, dark nerd secret: I don’t really like New Hope. I never liked it as a kid because it was too boring, and even now, it’s mostly the thing I power through to get to the other two movies. My things as a kid were always lightsaber fights and crazy aliens. The trilogy could best be summarized as “Jabba’s palace and some other scenes.”

    I think my three biggest geekdoms, in no particular order, are Buffy, Dragonlance and World of Darkness. Dragonlance was the first time I read or watched a piece of spec fic and saw it as something more than fun escapism; I could actually see how it related to real life. They’re cheesy and not very well-written, but when you’re in middle school they open a door in your brain. Buffy is the first thing I ever marathoned on DVD, and I watched it at exactly the right time in my life to have it open yet another giant door in my brain (you seriously haven’t lived until you watch all of season 2 for the first time in a 24-hour period just two months before an apocalyptically angsty breakup). As for World of Darkness, it’s an RPG driven by narrative, character and angst (all things that I eat up with a spoon), and the different supernatural factions are SO easy and fun to map onto other things. Tom and I have talked about how characters on everything from Buffy and Angel to Breaking Bad and The Wire would map over to WoD terms. It’s crazy fun. I’m not sure what my other two would be.

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