Episode 36: Hannibal

In which we ramp up for Season 2 of one of our favourite family-unfriendly TV shows.

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled:

Hannibal, the rest of Bryan Fuller’s oeuvre, Farscape (somehow), Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Luther, True Detective, and Fillmore!


Our outro is Debs & Errol’s If I Were an Undead Crawler

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5 Responses to Episode 36: Hannibal

  1. Robert Sullivan says:

    There is a far amount to study in the show and books. I hope the show’s approach to Lecter as the devil stays metaphorical and never become literal. By the end of the second season Crawford at least is on to Lecter, but he might get away and be chased around for season three.
    Even as the show takes lots of material from the books, it is very different thematically. The books were pitiless and no-nonsense. The show is almost mystical.
    What makes you think Wonderfalls and Hannibal are in the same world? Not that I’m casting stones as I think Lecter’s shrink is Scully in the Witness Protection Program.

    • Rachel says:

      It’s the character of Gretchen Speck (or, rather, Gretchen Speck-Horowitz, though she lost the hyphen and kept the ring as she notes on both shows). She’s Jay’s high school “friend” in Wonderfalls, and is in the second episode of Hannibal–the one with the mushroom people. Because even in a show like Hannibal, Bryan Fuller still has to have his whimsy.

      • Rachel Kolar says:

        Ooh! If it’s also in the same universe as Pushing Daisies, maybe there’s enough of Abigail left over to come back to life! My denial continues!

        …no, no, there totally isn’t.

  2. Leeman says:

    Rachel would know this better than I but I believe they make reference to a company or a person who exists on both shows. Standard Timmyverse rules.

  3. Rachel Kolar says:

    Ooh! I’ve seen the season and can can comment, and I’m not FaceTiming with Tom in the room,so I can comment spoileriffically!

    For me, the most chilling scene the entire season, and the one that most showed me how much Hannibal had tricked me as a viewer, was when he had Will draw the clock for the first time. You knew before then that he was a horrible, sadistic serial killing madman who’d psychologically tortured Crawford and all, but he made it seem like had some kind of boundary, especially where Will and possibly Abigail were concerned. The episode with Cello Guy, where he said he’d rather by Will’s friend than Cello Guy’s, seemed to be hinting that Will was touching his humanity and pulling him away from that kind of sociopathy. I was wondering if it was foreshadowing that somewhere inside Hannibal was a Dexter-esque serial killer with a conscience. Then the scene with the clock happened. Nope, he doesn’t have any boundary, he doesn’t have any conscience, and Will isn’t going to do anything except give him a shiny new toy to play with.

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