Episode 40: Brit Coms

Rachel and Leeman talk about all things British and Comedic!

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled Baptisms! Was It Something I Said? Happy Hour with the Zappa Brothers, the Discworld movies, Dylan Moran’s stand up, Black Books, Spaced, Simon Pegg Should Be Friends With All of Us, Are You Being Served? Keeping Up Appearances, Thin Blue Line, Blackadder, Mr Bean, Keeping Mum, Downton Abbey, Rowan Atkinson’s stand up, Absolutely Fabulous, Pride and Prejudice, Jennifer Ehle WAS going to be in Game of Thrones! Monty Python, Mystery! Coupling, The Office, Extras, Life’s Too Short, Bill Bailey’s stand up, IT Crowd, Moone Boy, Big Bang Theory sans laugh track, That Mitchell and Webb Look, Peep Show, Blackadder (Peter Cook played Richard III – Theatre Major fail -leeman) , Dueling Sleepy Hollows, Young Ones, Jesus Christ Superstar, Father Ted, Vicar of Dibley, Rev, John Oliver, and Star Wars Liturgy for May the Fourth Sunday

Our Outro is Debs & Errol’s Pachebel Song


PS. We are SO sorry for having a brain fart and completely forgetting Fawlty Towers which is actually the most important Brit Com of all time.

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