Episode 43: Orphan is the New Black

Inspired by the spirit of Pentecost, we are eschewing planning in favour of just seeing where the spirit moves us. This won’t end in disaster at all! (Major apologies for Bilbo’s noisiness in this episode)

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled:

Jesus? Orange is the New Black, Rachel’s liturgical fashion thoughts, Hijacked funerals, Deep Space Nine, Babylon Five, Friendship is Forever, Babylon 5, B5 did it first, Battlestar Galactica, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, Quark on humans, Farscape, and Game of Thrones.

Our outro is Debs & Errol’s Gaming With You

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2 Responses to Episode 43: Orphan is the New Black

  1. Rachel Kolar says:

    I have SUCH THOUGHTS on Deep Space Nine. I finished it not long ago, also.

    1) My biggest problem with Ezri is that everyone so readily accepts her as Jadzia II, the Electric Boogaloo. The most troubling aspect of it is that exactly the same guys are crushing after her as crushed after Jadzia (Worf, Bashir and Quark) and it really creepily comes across as her being their replacement puppy. They at least openly acknowledge it with Worf, but they never explicitly say that Bashir is in love with Ezri, not some ghost of Jadzia, and they needed to. Some random guy on the Internet said that he had always been pulling for Ezri to hook up with Jake because A) there’d be a neat progression of Curzon-Jadzia-Ezri as Sisko’s parent-colleague-child analogue and B) Jake never loved Jadzia, so she’d know he liked her. Ah, well. On a lesser note, though, I would have really liked for just one scene where she calls O’Brien “Miles,” and he gets awkward and says that he’d be more comfortable if she called him “Chief O’Brien” for now because he doesn’t actually know her. Oh, well.

    2) According to Memory Alpha, they hooked up Kira and Odo so that Odo would have something to sacrifice when he joined the Great Link. Because, of course, it’s all about the man.

    3) I mostly like Dukat, but the Pah’Wraith stuff got way to D&D for me. This is another Memory Alpha thing–the producers were worried because too many fans were swallowing Dukat’s self-aggrandizing version of events, so they decided to make him more cartoonishly evil to nip that in the bud. See, Internet, this is why we don’t get nice things.

    4) I admire you for making it through an entire conversation about “In the Pale Moonlight” without yelling “It’s a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qKcJF4fOPs

    • 1) Much as I loved Jadzia, having every eligible male on the show in love with her also got kinda old. Yeah, Ezri/Jake would have been very interesting. I think you have some fan fiction to write, Rachel.

      2) Buh!

      3) I was ok with the Pah’Wraith stuff. I admit he was a far more compelling character in early seasons, but given how delusional his character had always been, I could buy the later story line because you would need a character as self-aggrandizing and self-important as Dukat to pull it off. Mostly I thought it was undermined by the craptastic acting of Kai Winn … That woman seriously has an academy award?

      4) We could always edit it in later?

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