Episode 13: I Something the 90s

Rachel and Leeman look back at the ’90s and ponder the parallel streams of Popular and Christian Culture with equal parts nostalgia and grimacing.

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled:

Cabin in the Woods, Clarissa Explains it All, Dr Quinn, 7th Heaven, Newsboys, DC Talk, Veggie Tales, Sean Astin’s Amazing Love, Next Generation, Due South, Soap, King of the Hill’s Reborn to be Wild

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4 Responses to Episode 13: I Something the 90s

  1. Tom Kolar says:

    Okay, you have to understand that as a Catholic, Brio was a completely alien world- I grew up with no awareness of this whole evangelical sub-world.

  2. I disagree about Sabrina – I hated that puppet cat.
    I have fond memories of Due South. It was a fun show and my female friends at the time it aired all seemed to have a crush on the Mountie. One bit I remember laughing out loud at was where the two character are driving a burning car and they go through a car wash and the car emerges *more* enveloped by flames, and one character chides the other character for choosing the hot wax option.
    Also, I attended a private Christian school and listened to a lot of the same music.

    • Leeman says:

      Ah Private Christian school; I once visited a (former) girlfriend out in Waco and was introduced to the world of Evangelical private schools. It made my later viewing of the movie Saved that much more poignant.

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