Episode 53: Toys

In which we talk toys pew pew!


Agents P

Topics Discussed and/or Spoiled:

D&D cookies, genocide, Santa Claus parade and/or grave, Amazon angst, Love Actually, The Disney Store, Princess Culture, Schlove, Action Figures, Legos, Pound Puppies/Kitties, Barbies, Battle Beasts, He-Man, Too Many Something or Others, Phineas & Ferb, Violent movies! The Jesus Stick, and Rev Rachel Rambles.

Our outro is Debs & Errol’s Walkthrough

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4 Responses to Episode 53: Toys

  1. Rachel Kolar says:

    Because I was very close to my brother in age and we played together a lot, our games were a weird mishmash of traditional boy and girl games. My Little Ponies fought dragons, most of my Barbies were vampires, and I think we only played He-Man together so Panthor could have a birthday party. We played Ninja Turtles, dinosaurs, and Littlest Pet Shop relatively straight. That was all.

    I remember Battle Beasts! Those were great!

    I need to recommend Playful Parenting again, in the highest possible terms. It’s that book I keep talking about that discusses incorporating aspects of play therapy into parenting. One of the thing it mentions (which I LOVE and have quoted about eight zillion times) is that the solution to straitjacketed gender play isn’t to give trucks to girls and dolls to boys, but to make sure that girls occasionally play games that emphasize confidence and healthy aggression and that boys occasionally play games that emphasize empathy and sharing feelings. Good stuff.

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